About me

Obsessed with colors

Born with art I started creating at young age.

My books in school were always full of drawings, it was my way of concentrating. I had my first exhibition with 14 years, I tried to earn money as I wanted to travel to Argentina for 3 months. It was a success, almost all of the 40 watercolor paintings were sold and I bought my ticket to Argentina. After 3 months in Argentina, at the age of 15 I spend one year in Denver, Colorado where I joined the theatre club and got involved into the set-design. Those huge backdrops set me on fire with acrylic colors and bigger dimensions. Back in Germany I did my second exhibition 1999 in Bremen. I started studying Design and had less time for painting. I was never able to paint just a little and continue later, it was either full into it or nothing. So I decided in 2002 to take a 6 week break of all and paint my 3rd exhibition. After that another 2 years without touching a brush. 2004 was another attempt, I actually finished that exhibition but that collection never convinced me, I decided to not show it here. I moved to Spain 2005 and got pregnant 2006 which was the right time for me to take time for a new collection and exhibition in Marbella 2006. It wasn't that easy with a small child to continue my path, but my big dream to have an exhibition in London came true in 2008, I only had 5 weeks to create that exhibition.

After having my second child, I didn't feel like painting for a long time, actually 10 years :(. Creating art is like a drug to me, being so limited with time due to my new role as a mother I decided to train myself on photography. This turned quickly into my new profession. It was always out of question to me to make a living from my paintings. My creative jobs helped me to finance my life and not depend on selling my art. I feel it would never be authentic if I had to think about money in some moment of the creation.


2016 Nestor Burgos was introduced to me, an amazing Make-up artist from Argentina who works in the movie industry. Together, we created a series of photographs that reminded me so much of my paintings that I couldn't hold it back any longer. Every painting of my 2018 collection is based on one of the portraits we created together. As I still couldn't just take off 6 weeks like I used to do in previous exhibitions, I needed to learn to paint them over a whole year, it was the most challenging situation.

2020 Corona times, I noticed a strong need to paint, there was something inside me trying to come out. Observing the craziness and asking myself more about my purpose. I felt I was losing time, not that I was not happy about my life, but I noticed that there is so much potential for growth, but I also knew there would be some sacrifice. I started to paint much more conscious. 

2021 My family fell apart, a painful situation with important lessons to learn from. I basically used my art as a therapy, I noticed that it actually was like that my whole life. I also noticed that my paintings are purely emotions that come out and it is and was always a form of diary.

Why did i never study art?

With young age i already developed a certain style of drawing, when my school teachers tried to change me it never felt right to me. I wasn't really comfortable in the "art scene", for me it never made sense to "grade" and value art, either you like it or not. Studying art meant to me exposing my soul to some "art" experts and allow them to add their influence on me. This is why I studied Design, creative work but not emotional bounded. 

My passion

“Combining and mixing colours

The deeper meaning in my paintings?

All of my paintings just "come out" of my heart. True love of what I do and feel in that certain moment. I paint my emotions.

Can I paint other styles or make a copy of my own artwork?

No, I cannot even copy my own artwork. I also don´t really like the idea of painting on request as the outcome is not the same, as it does not come from my deep emotion. I did mention here that I can try but it would just not mean the same to me.